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The dataset consists of electricity consumption data (December 2016 to Jan 2018) from a high-rise residential building inside the IIT Bombay campus. The building consists of 60 3BHK(3 Bedrooms, I Hall and a Kitchen) apartments, each instrumented with a smart-meter, logging data at a sampling period of 5-8s. The data shared in the link below is downsampled at 1-hour granularity, sample dataset of two apartments which are at sampling 5-8 graunality is available under “Sample Monthly Dataset”. All the timestamps mentioned in the dataset is of Indian Standard Time(GMT+5.30), and India doesn’t follow daylight saving time. For privacy reasons, apartments are kept anonymous. The folder consists of 39 CSV files each representing an apartment. Apartments having significant data loss are removed from the list. The headers in the CSV files are as follows:

1)TS – Unix Time stamp (epochs)
2)V1 – Voltage of phase 1 (V)
3)V2 – Voltage of phase 2  (V)
4)V3 – Voltage of phase 3  (V)
5)W1 – Electricity consumption of phase 1 (Wh)
6)W2 – Electricity consumption of phase 2 (Wh)
7)W3 – Electricity consumption of phase 3 (Wh)

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Virtual Dataset

Additional Headers

8)Virtual Apartment- VirtualApartment ID
9)Date – Date in YYYY-MM-DD
10)Time – Time in HH:MM:SS
11)Energy- Sum of W1 + W2 + W3 (Wh)

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Sample Monthly Dataset

The headers in the CSV files are as follows

  • TS_RECV – timestamp received
  • Srl- serial number
  • TS – timestamp
  • V1 – Voltage from Phase1 to neutral
  • V2 – Voltage from Phase2 to neutral
  • V3 – Voltage from Phase3 to neutral
  • A1 – Current for Phase1
  • A2 – Current for Phase2
  • A3 – Current for Phase3
  • W1 – Active Power of Phase1
  • W2 – Active Power of Phase2
  • W3 – Active Power of Phase3
  • VA1 – Voltage*Current for Phase 1
  • VA2 – Voltage*Current for Phase 2
  • VA3 – Voltage*Current for Phase 3
  • VAR1 – reactive power in phase 1
  • VAR2- reactive power in phase 2
  • VAR3- reactive power in phase 3
  • PF1 – Power Factor of Phase1
  • PF2 – Power Factor of Phase2
  • PF3 – Power Factor of Phase3
  • Ang1- angle in phase 1
  • Ang2- angle in phase 2
  • PF3r- PF3r
  • Ang1r- Ang1r
  • Ang2r- Ang2r
  • Ang3- angle in phase 3
  • AvgV- average of V1,V2 and V3
  • SumV- sum of V1, V2 and V3
  • AvgA- Average of A1, A2, A3
  • SumA- Sum of A1, A2, A3
  • AvgW – Average of W1, W2, W3
  • SumW – Sum of W1, W2, W3
  • AvgVA- Average of VA1, VA2 and VA3
  • SumVA- Sum of VA1, VA2 and VA3
  • AvgVAr- Average of VAR1, VAR2 and VAR3
  • SumVAr-Sum of VAR1, VAR2 and VAR3
  • AvgPF- Average of PF1, PF2 and PF3
  • SumPF- Sum of PF1, PF2 and PF3
  • AvgAng- Average of Ang1, Ang2 and Ang3
  • SumAng`,- Sum of Ang1, Ang2 and Ang3
  • F- Frequency
  • FwdWh- Energy

Link to the dataset [SEIL Server][Google Drive]

[P.S: There are some instances in which data is missing due to some unforeseen circumstances. You can use interpolation to get those values]

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We would like to thank Rohit Gupta, Chaitra Bahuman and Sapan Tanted for being instrumental in creating the dataset and the members of Smart Energy Informatics Lab, IIT Bombay for their support.


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